Facade Scaffolding Project

Title:Working platform of Dongting Street Reconstruction Project--External wall scaffold Engineering

Description: Dongting Street Reconstruction Project is 14.5m in height, with 5 stories in total. In order not to influencing normal traffic, some ledger in the bottom are removed. But the whole scaffolding keeps stable.


Title:Ma’anshan Exhibition Center Stadium Working Platform--Public building external wall scaffold Engineering

Description: Ma’anshan exhibition center stadium occupies building area 61218 square meters, with two layers and 26.4m high (the height of center line of the upper chord of eave ). The upper part of roof steel structure is used the space structure system from primary truss to secondary trusses. The maximum span of the primary truss is 54m, with maximum cantilever length 17m. Under roof structure is reinforced concrete frame shear wall system. Rapid scaffolding, with the stability of frame body and convenience of erection and removal, has won the praise from safety bureau, ower, supervision unit and project department.


Title:Shoring system of Taiwan Fourth Nuclear Power Plant--Plant external wall scaffold Engineering  

Description: Taiwan Fourth Nuclear Power Plant is also know as Longmen Nuclear Power Plant, which is run by Taiwan Power Company.
Regarding this project, RS use section-cantilever. Bolt and nut are pre- installed in the wall, then connected with cantilevered bracket, which avoid second-hole-making in the wall.


Title:Facade scaffolding for new office building of Wuxi No.3 Construction Co., Ltd.--Office building external wall scaffold

Description: This project is facade scaffolding for new office building of Wuxi No.3 Construction Co., Ltd.
This project chooses Rapid Scaffolding to erect, the distance between vertical standard scaffolding is 0.9*2m, step is 2m, it sets toe board and handrail at outside of working floor, the diagonal braces are set in all the outer space, it also use part overhanging scaffolding to meet demands of different walls.