Decoration Project

Title:Working platform of Wuxi Chong An Temple Refurbishment Project--Public Building Decoration Engineering

Description: The features of Wuxi Chong An Temple Refurbishment Project is many construction area, complicated structure, tight delivery time, and high visitors flow rate. RS not only enssure the safety of visitors but also normal business of shops surrounded.
RS use void structure in the passageway, and use lattice girder somewhere. In order to avoiding things falling, striped awning and plywood are used. RS Octagonlock scaffolding system us praised by the users and shops nearby.


Title:Wuxi Tai Lake New City--Public Building Decoration Engineering

Description: Wuxi Tai Lake New City located in South of Wuxi, design resident population is 1 million.It will be a new city center of Wuxi.
This project use Rapid support technical, base on site condition, we use 2 x 2m separate support style, space between each supporting is 4m. On work layer, we used the Rapid connect components to connect two separate supporting and put steel plank, this can save the material and labor, make the construct effectively.


Title:Shoring scaffolding for Subway in Shanghai--Public Building Decoration Engineering

Description: Shanghai Subway is located on Baoshan Road, Zhabei District, it’s one of the major projects in Shanghai. This project need full suspended scaffolding as working platform. The building depth is 51.8m, width is 51.2m, height is 10.55m. Total 2000m².
This project uses Rapid Scaffolding totally. It choose 2*2*10m separate towers to support. The distance between different towers are 4m. It save much scaffolding materials and labor cost, and guarantee the working progress smoothly.


Title:Wuxi Xishan Science Pioneer Park--Office Building Decoration Engineering

Description: The construction is 93.4 thousand square meters. Main building, vice building and annex building are over ground, two floor basement are underground. Main building has 24 floor, 99.6m height; Vice building has 23 floors, 89.1m height; Annex building is located between main building and vice building, 3 floors, 17.5m height; Basement is 9.4m.
  This proejct used Rapid’s Scaffolding, the biggest girder cross-section is 600 x 1800mm, Beam line load ≥ 20KN/m.