Special Structure Project

Title:Working platform of View Tower in the Bauhinia Park, Changzhou--Entertainment equipment installation engineering


The View Tower is located in the Bauhinia Park, Changzhou, shaped in ring, width in 89m, height in 80m, thickness in 7m. RS Octagonlock scaffolding system is used as working platform for this project.

RS Octagonlock scaffolding system is very stable. One set of scaffolding is 1.2*1.5m, not only functional bust also economical. Scaffolding is erected on the ground and lifted to the work platform to be connected with scaffolding in the two sides. Advantage of RS Octagonlock system: saving material and labor, time and cost.


Title:Nanjing Dujiang Memorial Working Platform--Silo installation engineering

Description: Nanjing Dujiang Memorial is built for greeting the 60 anniversary of Nanjing liberation.The new museum project has been basically completed. There are 49 red steel columns shaping like sails in the memorial hall plaza, showing the majesty of “thousands of sails race”. The highest group of “sail” reaches 49.423m, which means the Nanjing liberation day “April 23th, 1949”.
During the main structure construction process, all formwork support adopt Rapid disk lock steel tubular scaffold (herein below called “Rapid scaffolding”). According to the characteristics of the project, it has taken complete support technology of Rapid scaffolding, which not only meets construction requirements, saves a large amount of martial, but also erects without garbage or dust. It wins high praise from customers.


Title:Zhuhai Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom whale shark special work rack--Statue installation project

Description: Zhuhai Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom whale shark project is located in Zhuhai's Hengqin Island, the main structure is a concrete structure, the overall height of 65.5m. The core tube height 18m, on which the concrete columns and ring beam structure is provided on the ring beam steel embedded parts. Steel points based subsidiary of steel and steel epidermis, building local special shape, unable erection of scaffolding. The construction process of the project using rapid socket type disc Scaffold (referred to as "rapid scaffold"). And different difficulties, used a total of two sets of rapid scaffolding supporting technology, to meet the requirements of bearing capacity and stability of the site; With truss plate and beams, scaffold erection pick an empty set, to meet the demand for building modeling.


Title:Special Scaffolding Work for Xinglong Cultural Park, Yanzhou Shandong Province--Statue installation project

Description: With an hight of 118m for the Cultural Park, and as its complicated shape and structure, Rapid Scaffolding overcame all these technical difficulty, by making different kind of cantilever to meet the loading of this project and saving a lot of material.


Title:Nanjing Niushou Mountain Scenic zone special work frame--Statue installation project

Description: This project has a 82.6m height pagoda,9 floors with a pointed roof. It’s Tang dynasty style. The area of nine floors is about 9000㎡. There are”steel”,”copper”,”wood”,”stone”.The structure of the pagoda top is leading all over the world.And this is the first in the domestic tower in China.
This is a complicated project, local minimum span cantilever is 4 m, the largest span is 6 m.Rapid Scaffold’s plan avoid the conflict with the original structure, saves the total amount of material, fully embodies the characteristics of fast, safe, high bearing capacity, beautiful, meet the requirements of the project cost, quality and time limit for a project.