Formwork supporting project of rail transit

Title:Shoring system and formwork of Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau Bridge--Formwork supporting project of rail transit

Description:  The Hong Kong-Zhuhai -Macau Bridge is an ongoing construction project which consists of a series of bridges, tunnels and artificial islands that will connect Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.
    Our designed system scaffolding and formwork are honored to be used on one of the main islands - West Artificial Island for the shoring system of roof slab and wall panel in the buried section, with the advantage of erection and dismantling easily and high safety factor etc. Obtained the high praise from customers.


Title:Nanjing Lukou International Airport Shoring Projects--Formwork supporting project of rail transit

Description: Nanjing Lukou International Airport airfield channel project(F1-3 section),located in the south new terminals, about 796m long,consisted by double orifice box culvert u-shaped slot and general road.The max height is 9.8m. The second phase expansion project of thickness is 1100 mm.
Disk lock steel tubular scaffold (“rapid scaffold”)used in the project of civil structure construction process,which Solve the following two technical difficulties:
1.Thickness plate.1100mm is very thick ,the load reached 30 kn / ㎡,Rapid Scaffold used 0.9m*1.2m*1.5m shoring frame.
2.High height.This height needed High demands on the scaffold overall stability.
    Rapid Scaffold used less material than other scaffold,and improves the overall stability and bearing capacity , less labour.


Title:Shoring Formwork for Nanjing Metro--Formwork supporting project of rail transit

Description: Nanjing subway station is designed as 2-bay and 2-storey underground island platform station. The headroom of basement two is 6.28m, and basement one is 4.85m. The main structure of the station is constructed by using open cut method, and 2-bay and 2-storey underground box structure. The dimension of main components: roof thickness 800mm, top girder 800×1800 mm、900×1700(1800)mm、1000×1800 mm, plate thickness 400mm, longitudinal beam 900*800mm.
During the main structure construction process, all formwork support adopt Rapid disk lock steel tubular scaffold (herein below called “Rapid scaffolding”), which overcomed questions, like the plate is too thick, the size of beam section is too big, and so on.


Title:Shoring Projects in Wuhu Railway Station Anhui Province--Formwork supporting project of rail transit

Description: Wuhu Railway Station, with an area of 50,000 m2, is the largest station on the line of Nanjing to Anqing Inter-city Railway within Anhui Province.
In this project, Rapid Scaffolding was honored to supply its system scaffolding as shoring, under the large beam of 2.2x2.4m, using 0.9x0.9m shoring tower with ledger distance of 1.5m, and under the slab, using 1.2x1.5m shoring tower with ledger distance of 1.5m too, which saving a lot of material and labor, and abtained the highly commended by customers.