Public building formwork support

Title:Shoring scaffolding and formwork for National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)--Public building formwork support

Description: With area of approximately 855,946.8 square meters. Rapid Scaffolding undertook the China Expo exhibition  formwork project (North Block) EPC Engineering (Second Section). C1 16m high hall area formwork sub-projects. C1 zone on the highest floor of 5 floors with a total building height of 32m, Tight schedule, the process is complicated , big load. Using rapid socket type disc Scaffold (referred to as "rapid scaffolding") template cage, the successful resolution of frame beam size 1800 × 2650mm, and a large cross large beam line load reaches 100kN / m support requirements; Meanwhile, in the erection of scaffolding then pumping a few specimens of the shelf. Lift the upper portion of the connection through the top beam scaffolding, construction passage formed to ease the shortage of public resources to the scene of road congestion.


Title:Shanghai MIXC Formwork Support--Public building formwork support

Description: The Huarun Shanghai MIXC occupies construction area around 530000 square meters, which includes the MIXC shopping center 240000 square meters, the grade A office cluster 140000 square meters, and high-end boutique hotels 30000 square meters.
The project is built by the China Construction Eighth Engineering Division. And the parking lot project in the railway transportation line 10 at Wuzhong road, has taken a special construction technology of large steel beam with super-span air cantilever, which makes it as one of difficulties in this project.
(Herein below called “Rapid Scaffolding”) Rapid Scaffolding, with high strength bearing and good stability, can be adjusted through upper and bottom base jack to meet accuracy requirements at construction site. It has chosen innovative construction technology and successfully resolved urgent problems of 30m high formwork, overweight steel structure, tight schedule, and supporting area at floor.


Title:Nanjing YOV shoring frame--Public building formwork support

Description: It covers an area of about 140000㎡. A total construction area of 500000 square meters, from A, B, C building and basement, one floor underground, 9 floors on the ground,27 floors total.A total construction area of about 196000 square meters, the entire cast-in-place reinforced concrete shear wall structure.
Rapid Scaffold mainly undertake the main building of the adjacent two nest between pouring concrete shoring scaffolds. The shoring frame height is 31m,the upper concrete thickness is 500mm.According to the site situation,Rapid Scaffold used 1.2m ledger , 0.9m ledger ,and adjustable base jack, perfect solved the problems of the scene, effectively improve the time limit for a project schedule.


Title:Nanjing Archives Shoring Projects--Public building formwork support

Description: Nanjing archives total land area of 6666㎡, the total construction area of 40796㎡, nine layers on the ground,two layer underground, archives of roof steel structure engineering elevation of 37.25 m, the eight steps up new three layers of steel beam, eight level is + 29.45 m.This project is very difficult and need to try to stay away from the scene construction areas outside the frame at the same time, the rest on the seven floor set-up, the floor is complex.
0.5m distance Rapid Scaffold with net can avoid falling objects,be more safety.


Title:Liyang Hydropower Key Project Formwork Support--Public building formwork support

Description: Liyang hydropower key project is composed of four parts, which are the upper reservoir, the lower reservoir, the water conveyance system and the power plant system. The capacity of power station is 1500000 kilowatts. It transfers 500KV voltage to Jiangsu power grid. It’s annual power generation capacity is designed for 2007000000 kwh, and annual water pumping capacity is 2676000000 kwh.
The formwork support in this project’s upper reservoir and lower reservoir, takes Rapid disk lock steel tubular scaffold system (herein below called “Rapid scaffolding”), using different supporting ways in different areas.
1.In support of large curvature vertebral body structure, it’s difficult for frame body to find a supporting point, then it needs to be mounted at lower steel structure platform, with small unit 0.9*0.9m and step 1.5m.
2.Corbel’s maximum thickness of concrete reaches to 5m, and the narrowest part reaches to 3.4m. The frame body takes small unit 0.9*0.9m with step 1.5m.
     In the upper part of building structure, the top plate supporting height is 48m. The frame body has chosen A type standards (ø60.3*3.2mm) 0.9*0.9m, with step 1.5m and one side fully mounted by diagonal braces.
      In this special formwork supporting project, Rapid scaffolding shows not only the excellent high bearing capacity, high safety, but also the greatly labor cost saving and construction period shorting.