Silo installation engineering

Title:Nanjing Dujiang Memorial Working Platform--Silo installation engineering

Description: Nanjing Dujiang Memorial is built for greeting the 60 anniversary of Nanjing liberation.The new museum project has been basically completed. There are 49 red steel columns shaping like sails in the memorial hall plaza, showing the majesty of “thousands of sails race”. The highest group of “sail” reaches 49.423m, which means the Nanjing liberation day “April 23th, 1949”.
During the main structure construction process, all formwork support adopt Rapid disk lock steel tubular scaffold (herein below called “Rapid scaffolding”). According to the characteristics of the project, it has taken complete support technology of Rapid scaffolding, which not only meets construction requirements, saves a large amount of martial, but also erects without garbage or dust. It wins high praise from customers.